Protein Content of Supplements as analysed compared to label declaration

R146 guidelines state that the permitted tolerance for protein is:

<10g/100g: ±2 g

≥10g/100g: ±25%

Green- Optimal.
Orange- Acceptable.
Red- Unacceptable and outside of legal limit.

Results correct at publishing date: October 2015

*Subsequent batches have been tested and comply

BrandProduct namePROTEIN CONTENT CLAIMED ON LABEL PER 100GAnalysed Amount per 100g% difference
BIOGENBulk 45/1502018.29.00
BIOGENDiet Protein56.253.05.78
BIOGENNitro Mass30.130.3-0.50
BIOGENNitro Plex51.449.63.50
BIOGENPremium Iso-Whey70.166.25.58
BIOGENProtein SR87874.44.68
BIOGENWhey Isolate Plus83.278.95.17
BPI*Whey HD65.836.644.38
Body LogixVegan Protein62.554.213.36
BSNSyntha 646.843.47.26
BSNTrue Mass15.9216.3-2.39
CellucorWhey Protein71.4368.44.31
ClicksRapid Muscle Grow37.432.114.17
EvoxFormidable Mass1716.34.12
EvoxLean Pro Diet7668.310.20
EvoxMuscle Meal4138.85.37
EvoxSynergy Whey Protein7665.713.62
Evox100% Whey Protein7257.620.07
GNCPerformance Whey Protein67.6166.41.86
Inner ArmourNitro Peak66.6762.07.00
MyofusionElite Protein Series67.667.20.59
Muscle JunkieFreak Mass Mutater16.814.215.48
Muscle JunkieWhey Protein O.D7463.913.72
Muscle MedCarnivor Mass2730.7-13.70
Muscle MedCarnivor64.9171.0-9.31
MHPPaleo Protein60.864.0-5.26
MHPUp Your Mass34.5927.919.34
Met-RxWhey Protein73.371.22.93
Muscle TechAnabolic Halo58.8254.67.17
Muscle TechMass Tech24.7124.51.05
Muscle TechNitrotech83.382.31.26
Muscle TechPhase 861.558.35.20
Muscle Tech100% Premium Whey Protein63.459.66.07
Muscle worksAnabolic Whey5754.54.47
Nutri TechCasein Slow Release78.8959.324.83
Nutri TechDiet Meal6638.342.05
Nutri TechAnabolic Mass Builder37.57.580.13
Nutri TechPremium Pure Whey Protein Lite7263.212.22
Nutri TechPremium Pure Whey Protein7262.712.92
Optimum NutritionGold Standard 100% Whey78.974.06.21
Optimum NutritionLean Whey7773.44.68
Optimum NutritionSerious Mass15.414.74.87
PharmaFreakFreak Protein69.467.92.16
PharmaFreakMass Freak2019.33.50
Supplements SAMassive Muscle37.58.577.41
Supplements SAPure Whey Protein83.340.151.86
SSNMicellar Casein Protein7063.39.64
SSNLean MRP5649.411.79
SSNMass Addiction16.6714.612.42
SSNAnabolic Mass Builder33.532.14.18
SSNPerformance Whey Protein6870.9-4.26
SSN100% Whey Protein7568.09.40
SupaShapeDiet Whey Protein5954.47.80
SupaShapePure Whey Protein7265.39.31
TitanAfter Math72.566.08.97
TitanIso Max92.482.111.20
TitanMass Prodigy2826.45.89
TitanPro Whey7468.08.11
TitanSlim Core51.648.95.33
USP LabsOxyelite Protein63.8961.43.98
USNCasein Protein Slow Release71.169.62.11
USNDiet Fuel Ultra Lean48.1546.24.05
USNFast Grow Anabolic All In One33.436.2-8.23
USNHyperbolic Mass16.615.85.12
USNHardcore Whey GH78.874.25.84
USNLean 8 Multi Phase Pro5046.76.70
USNMuscle Fuel STS34.532.36.52
USN100% Whey Protein Plus65.563.03.82
UniversalReal Gains34.231.28.92
Weider100% Whey Isolate Protein88.577.112.94