How to spend eBucks at Dis-Chem



The member can spend eBucksin-store or online on Dis-Chem’swebsite.


The member must swipe their activated eBuckscard at Point of Sale (POS) device and enter their eBucks4-digit PIN to complete the transaction.

Remember, customers can part-pay in-store if they don’t have enough eBucks.


1. Register on Dis-Chem’s website.

You will need to be logged into the Dis-Chem’s website before you can order anything.

2. Add products to your basket or cart and check out.

Browse the site and choose products to add to your shopping cart. Select Next then check out.

3. Choose eBucks as your payment method

Choose eBucks as your payment method. You will be asked to enter your SA ID number and eBucks PIN. Once you are logged in, you'll be able to see your eBucks account.

4. Enter your One-Time PIN (OTP)

An OTP will be sent to your cellphone so that you can confirm your online purchase and complete your order.

How to earn eBucks at Dis-Chem

eBucksmembers will earn 1% back from Dis-Chemonline and in-store purchases. Your eBuckswill be allocated monthly.

(You also earn Dis-ChemBenefit points if you present your Dis-Chemcard in store or simply by shopping online, where your Loyalty card will automatically be linked to your online profile).

For In-store purchases:

Simply present your eBucks card at the till when you pay and the cashier will swipe or enter your card details into the system.

For Online purchases: 

By choosing to earn eBucks and entering their eBucks Card number when paying for their online purchases.

Please Take Note That You Cannot Earn eBucks:

  • if you pay with a voucher or gift card
  • on prescriptions
  • if you buy airtime
  • if you redeem your Dis-Chemloyalty or benefit points
  • if you buy plastic bags

Don’t have an eBuckscard? You can buy one at any Dis-Chemstore. If you are already an eBucksmember but you don’t have an eBucks card or you’ve lost your card, you can buy a card for R9.90 at any Dis-Chemstore.

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