Random Act of Kindness for the Paediatric Oncology Ward

“Cancer can happen to my kids. It can happen to your kids. And right now it's happening to the children in that ward”. Those were the words of KFM Breakfast presenter Ryan O’Connor during a Random Act of Kindness for the Paediatric Oncology Unit at Tygerberg Hospital. KFM in association with the Dis-chem Foundation today announced a significant donation of R90 000 towards the unit, also known as the G3Ward.

Tygerberg’s goal is to improve the welfare and quality of care of children with cancer and other blood and kidney related diseases. With increasing needs for a child-friendly hospital and health services in the Western Cape, the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital faces big challenges. They are passionate about improving the diagnosis and care of children and newborn babies while improving the facilities for their parents and caregivers.

Speaking to the hospital’s Dr Elna van Zyl, listeners were told of the funding issues and the help the government-funded hospital needs. “Our ultimate goal is to see these children happy and healthy and living a great life. We welcome donations from the public and always need more toiletries, linen and other such items please."

Speaking on behalf of the Dis-chem Foundation was Penny Stein “Although the government does supply the hospital with the necessities unfortunately some children dont have access to basics including bedding, toiletries even washing powder. They desperately need funding and so much more so that the children are looked after in the most dignified way. The team working at the G3Ward are doing all they can to make the best of a hard and difficult situation. We all want the best for them and Dis-chem Foundation is delighted to be part of this. We trust the R90 000 will go a long way to improving the conditions"

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