Healthy Hair Growth - Introducing Dr Wolff's Plantur 21 Range

23rd May, 2017
Dr. Kurt Wolff

Plantur 21nourishes and strengthens hair to promote healthy growth and to help prevent premature hair loss* from mental and physical stress in young women.

Hair loss has many causes. Apart from hereditary predisposition, weight loss diets, an unbalanced diet, intensive exercise and stress are all possible hair loss triggers.

All these factors may negatively impact hair energy supply, thereby decreasing hair growth.

Dr Adolf Klenk, Head of Dr. Wolff Research, who discovered caffeine’s positive effects on protecting against hair loss*, said Plantur 21was developed after a demand from younger women for a similar product to Plantur 39 for hair loss* in women over 40.

Plantur 21contains a nutri-caffeine complex which provides hair with the necessary reserves so it can continue to grow healthily and vigorously.

“Stress, crash diets and an imbalanced diet may all contribute to losing hair. Research shows our caffeine complex helps protect against hair loss* and supports vibrancy.

This is why we developed a range of caffeine-based hair products,” he said.

*without the result of a medical condition

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