Banging Autumn Locks

Delia Du Toit

As the weather turns cooler, we tend to want everything warmer – including hair colours and styles. Say goodbye to sun-bleached, straightened summer looks and welcome warm auburns and textured hair styles, says Jeanné Smith.

Cool cuts

This autumn, think texture, texture, texture. Long bobs with lots of layers styled into a messy look are in (hurray for the wash-and-go lifestyle!), and so are big fringes that frame your face.“This season, pin-straight hair is out and soft, messy hair is making a comeback,”says Charmaine Jordaan. The bonus is that long bobs suit almost any face shape – a good stylist will play around with layers and length to highlight your best features.

Slick styles

Happily, you won’t be spending hours styling your hair this season. The air-dried, natural look is back, and knotted buns are the perfect answer for even lazier days. For a big night out, bohemian waves are the go-to look. Simply straighten your hair then wrap individual strands around your straightening iron to create loose curls. If that seems like too much effort, gather your hair at the nape of your neck, tie it into a ponytail then twist it into a messy knot secured with bobby pins.Or if you’re undecided, go for the best-of-both-worlds look, suggests Jeanné. “Leave half your hair loose and tie the other half up in a messy knot. This lets your pretty locks fall free, but keeps your hair off your face too. Play around, tying up half or a quarter of your hair, and going for a sleek or messy look.”.

Hot Colours


Deep chocolate is the answer to looking hot in cooler temperatures. If you can handle it even darker, go for a shade just shy of black.


Be brave and go for a bright orange-red this season, or a hot auburn.


Try going for a warmer strawberry blonde.

A word of warning:
If you have thick or curly hair and don’t want to spend half the morning straightening your hair, a fringe is not for you.

Get the basics right

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type is the first step to getting healthy, silky locks, says Jeanné. Here’s what you should look for:

Dry and damaged hair

Make sure your shampoo is sulphate-free, as sulphate can damage and dry out your hair. Your conditioner should contain proteins to repair the damage, and loads of healthy oils like shea butter.

Oily or fine hair

Go for clarifying shampoos with thickening ingredients like panthenol or wheat extracts. A light conditioner can add volume without adding more oil. Only apply conditioner from your mid-lengths to the roots to prevent weighing down your hair.

Curly, wavy or thick hair

This hair type is dry, so your shampoo should be creamy and sulphate-free, and you should use a silicone-based conditioner. Don’t wash your hair every day or you’ll dry it out – rather use a dry shampoo and let your hair oils do their natural magic. A weekly treatment will also help.

Coarse hair

This is the driest of hair types, so opt for a super hydrating shampoo and conditioners, with fatty substances like panthenol or silicone. Your hair needs more tlc than most types, so don’t forget the hydrating mask twice a week.

Colour-treated hair

Don’t waste all the money you spent on that beautiful colour by letting your colour fade. Use a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner to seal in the colour for longer, and to help protect against sun damage.