Healthy House, Healthier Body

Though factors like exercise, lifestyle, and age certainly play a huge role in our bodies' natural immunities, your environment can also help or hurt your chances of getting sick.

Mold Problems:

One of the most well-known culprits in house-borne illness is mold.Generally associated with upper and lower respiratory symptoms.The best way to find out if your home contains toxic mold is, of course, to have it tested.

Ventilation Issues:

indoor air quality has taken some serious hits.Probably the biggest factorin this trend is the fact that many remodels and new constructions are far more air-tightthan older homes. While this is great for heating and cooling costs,when extra insulation is notsupplemented with better ventilationthe air-borne particles that would seep outof an older home can become trapped indoors and reduce air quality.

Water Problems:

In the past decade, many of us have become far more concernedabout what's in the water (and for good reason). Though buying bottled water is certainly one option, installing a water filtration system on your sink is an alternative that many homeowners find makes sense.

Pest Infestation:

While the occasional unwanted visitoris probably not a problem, when insects or rodents appear en masse, it can pose a health hazard(remember the plague?). When used correctly, traps, sprays, and other pest control productsyou can buy at your local supermarket or hardware store can often stopa pest problem in its tracks. However, if your own efforts can't seem to get the job done, the cost of hiring a professional can make your home a more pleasant (as well as safer) place to live!