Combat Cellulite with ELANCYL Slim Design

25th August, 2017
ELANCYL South Africa

What is cellulite?

Cellulite affects 9 out of 10 women. When the body’s fat-storing regulation system is disrupted, the adipocytes (fat cells) begin to swell, until they become 50 times bigger than their initial size, causing a dysfunction in the connective tissue. The blood and lymph vessels become compressed and are no longer able to eliminate water and toxins properly. Dermal fibers (collagen and elastin) thicken and become rigid, causing the skin’s structure on the surface to change, resulting in an “orange peel” appearance: cellulite.

Tips to combat the appearance of cellulite

  • A balanced diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Drinking enough water
  • Rest and relaxation (if your body is in a constant state of tension, it can’t function properly)

With a little help from science, you can enhance your cellulite-fighting regime with ant-cellulite products like the new ELANCYL Slim Design

A revolution in anti-cellulite technology

New ELANCYL Slim Design is a 3-stage revolution against cellulite. [Caffeine Complex] 3D is the fruit of 10 years of research, and contains an original combination of exceptional actives, all acting to firm the skin and reduce the appearance of even stubborn cellulite.

  • Skin is firmer and the appearance of cellulite less visible after just 7 days*
  • Unique 24-hour Action. One application works throughout the day
  • Light reflecting pigments for an instant optical smoothing effect
  • Luscious texture, yet non-sticky

“I noticed a difference from week one! My skin is firmer and smoother. ELANCYLis fantastic,” says Jeannie D (TV Presenter and ELANCYLBrand Ambassador)

Watch this video to see what Jeannie D and these 4 ladies thought of ELANCYL Slim Design

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