NEW! Alpecin Sport Caffeine Shampoo CTX

19th June, 2017
Dr. Kurt Wolff

The shampoo for men who demand a lot from their bodies.

  • for men who are physically active
  • for increased energy demands
  • reduces hair loss if used daily and gives hair more grip
  • contains caffeine, taurine and micronutrients (CTX) to recharge hair roots

Men who push themselves to the physical limit when doing sports often experience hair loss. During high-intensity exercise the muscles consume a lot of energy and the body saves energy elsewhere, for example at the hair roots. Hair loss could be the result, as the hair root itself is a high-performance organ that requires lots of energy.

Alpecin Sport Caffeine Shampoo is suitable for men who are physically active. Thanks to its special active ingredient combination – Alpecin Caffeine, taurine and the micronutrients biotin, zinc, magnesium and calcium – it recharges the hair roots. This promotes strong hair growth, hair loss can be prevented.

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*without a result of a medical condition.


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