Finding the most awesome red lipstick for you is actually easy

31st January, 2017

The bold red lip is having another moment, and what better timing than just before Valentine’s Day.There’s a reason why red lipsare always on-trend, it’s a timeless look that adds instant sex-appeal to any outfit and works for all occasions.

Are you one of those women who tried red lippie out once but didn’t love how it looked and wrote it off forever? The fact is red lipstick looks amazing on every woman; you’ve just got to find the right shade! Knowing yourcomplexion and its undertones can help you find the shade that will make your lips pop best,plus your skin appear brighter and teeth whiter.
Ever noticed that your best friend’s favourite shade of red makes her look radiant and hot but leaves you looking washed-out? This is because everyone has different undertones that come into play when choosing what make up (and clothing!) colours suit you. If you’re warm-toned your veins appear more green than blue, you suit gold or bronze jewellery, your eyes are brown or hazel and you love the sun because it makes your skin golden. Those with cool undertones will have blue-ish veins, find silver jewellery the most flattering, have green, blue or grey eyes and burn easily in the sun.

Find the perfect shade for your skin tone here