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03rd February, 2017
Revlon and Dis-Chem

Summer Skin Basics

Ever notice that hot weather sends your skin into oil-production overdrive, that your moisturiser now feels way too rich, and you may even be starting to break out?

Here’s what you do:

  1. Cleanse with a gentle face wash that removes excess oil and dirt without stripping your skin (which causes rebound oil production).
  2. Keep pores clear and avoid spots by exfoliating gently twice a week.
  3. Use a balancing toner to neutralise your skin afterwards.
  4. Swap the rich moisturiser you use in winter for a lighter-textured day lotion or gel. If you’re very oily, go for an oil-free, mattifying product for a shine-free skin.
  5. Or use a BB/CC Cream or tinted moisturiser with built-in SPF for daily sun exposure. 
  6. Look after your lips. Choose a lipbalm/lip colour with built-in moisturisers and sun protection SPF 30+ to keep them safe.

Barefaced Cheek

The nude look is here to stay but, as we know, barefaced doesn’t mean no make-up – we’re looking for beautiful skin that has been primed to stop excess oil. Now choose make-up shades that are tone-on-tone – shades that complement your natural skin colour. Skin should be subtly radiant, with highpoints slightly highlighted.

Girls with darker complexions should enhance their natural features by going lighter on the lighter areas of their face, and slightly darker on shadow areas. Choose dark browns and chocolates, working into bronzes and coppers as highlighters.

Summer Tips

How to prevent nudes looking murky: Use colours with a shimmer or sparkle pigment, clean brushes and avoid colours with an ashy undertone.

While matte nude lipstick looks fantastic on the runway, it rarely works in real life. Put a touch of sheen over it with a tinted flesh-toned lipbalm.

Hot Tips

The colour palette for nails is pretty much ‘everything goes’. Match your lips and tips with lovely summer reds – watermelon, poppy and toffee-apple are just mouth-watering. Nude nails abound as well, ranging from nude with a shimmer to full-on gold and silver flecks.

Hot Lips

If you haven’t yet embraced red lips, now is the time to do it, as it is still the hottest trends for lips this summer. The easiest and freshest take is the shades of pretty poppy, apple and cherry reds.

Summer Tips

Remember to choose a red that works with your undertone.