Less is more

20th October, 2016
Branden Don

Most moms that I have met always remind me that they need a make-up routine that is quick and simple– did I mention quick?I know that time is of the essence when you are caring for a family. This is why I have decided to dedicate this article to a make-up trend that is still in its “infancy” – Multi-functional Make-up products.

Below is a simple step-by-step routine showcasing multi-functional make-up products. Remember, you can “tweak” the steps so that you can slot it effortlessly into your daily routine.

For an added extra, I have also included a few extra tips should you find that you have a minute or two to spare and you really want to glam up your look – perhaps for a “date” nightwith your other half.

Step 1

  • After applying your facial moisturiser & eye cream, allow it to penetrate, then apply a foundation primer (just bigger than a pea-sized amount) and spread it over your entire face.
  • Follow with your favourite foundation. Apply concealer to any other points on the face that require extra coverage like a blemish or dark under-eye circles.
Concentrate the primer on areas where you may have larger pores or along the “T-zone” if you have oily skin. To set your foundation and concealer into place, lightly dust a loose powder over your face. For extra coverage instead of sliding the product onto your skin, rather “dab”. This way you aren’t moving the product around.

Step 2

  • To ensure that your eyeshadow lasts throughout the day and to prevent any oil build up, simply apply a small amount of an eyeshadow primer over the lid.
  • Follow this with a wash of colour of the lid by using tint that can be used for eyes, lips and cheeks.

Step 3

  • To add extra definition into the crease of the eye, work with a darker shade from a palette that is in fact a 4-in-1 (eyes, highlighter, bronzer and blusher).

Step 4

  • After defining the crease of the eye, use a Kajal eye penciland push the colour lightly along the top lash line to add extra dimension to the eye. What’s appealing about a Kajal formulation is that it is so easy to work with, because it is so soft.

Step 5

  • To complete the eyes, apply two coats of mascara to top and bottom (optional) lashes to open the eye.

Finish Off:

Apply some of the tint used for the eyes in step 2, or mix the shades together from the palette used to add a pop of colour onto the cheeks.

You can then complete your look by adding the same tint mentioned above or your favourite balm, gloss or lipstick to your lips.

Date Night:

Follow steps 1 – 5 detailed above and add steps 6-9 for that extra bit of glam to take your look instantly from day to night.

Step 6

  • To intensify the upper lash line, use a felt pen. Rest the “nib” of the product along your lash line and little by little, pull the product to the outer part of the eye. This is to give the illusion of fuller, thicker lashes.
  • To make the look more “smoky” use a dark brown pencil on the inner rim of the eye.

Step 7

  • For some luminosity and to make it look like you’re dripping in candlelight, use a shimmer eyeshadow and place this on the inner corner of the eye, and right in the centre of the eye.
You could even sweep a shimmery shadow on the tops of your cheeks to highlight them.

Step 8

  • With an angled liner brush and a matte eyeshadow, run the product through the brows to fill in any gaps where the hair may be sparse.

Step 9

  • Finally, add some extra colour onto your lips. Use the tint mentioned in step 2. To ensure your make-up lasts as long as you do, spritz a few sprays of the M.O.D Make-up Finishing Spray. This will also help to eliminate any powder particles left on the skin.