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For 7 days, cut out the following: caffeine, wheat, dairy, meat, salt, sugar, processed foods and alcohol. A healthy detox cleans your colon, improving sluggish digestion and flushing out stagnant toxins. It helps your metabolism function better, and can improve skin, eyes, nails and hair! A cleaner colon also means more absorption of nutrients from healthy foods. A good detox will also boost your energy levels dramatically! Giving you more motivation to hit the gym. Weight loss and centimetre loss will also be a likely side-effect – acting as a great way to start off your summer-body journey with a bang.

Go sugar-free

Once your detox is done, a general long-term eating approach should be to go sugar-free. The sugar-free movement is making some serious waves at the moment – with good reason! This automatically cleans up so much junk out of our diets: processed foods, excess alcohol, white bread and other unhealthy simple carbs. It is a more sustainable, beneficial approach to the low-carb movement, and cutting out refined sugar plays a big part in improving digestive health, flattening the tummy, absorbing nutrients better – and getting rid of cellulite! Remember: sugar-free often really means fructose-free. Our ghrelin levels rise when we are hungry, peak when we eat, and lower back down again after a meal. Fructose, however, is so fast absorbing that our ghrelin levels don’t decrease after eating it – we stay hungry. Slower absorbing sweeteners like stevia, rice malt syrup and xylitol are better than honey, maple syrup, corn starch syrup and cane sugar, which all contain roughly 50% fructose.


This may be only one point – but it is the biggest one! There is just no alternative for regular exercise, and no shortcuts either. Give low- to moderate-intensity exercise a skip and get intense. Incorporate interval training: varied and explosive movements stimulate your body’s repair cycle effectively for higher calorie burns and improved fitness. Then, push the weights! Strength training is critical for long-term toning and health benefits. More lean muscles means a faster metabolism. A fun side-bar: rebounding is trending at the moment – and with good reason! This powerful anti-ageing exercise is low-impact, non-jarring unlike running, has a tautening effect on the skin, and also acts as a natural detox – improving circulation, naturally stimulating lymphatic drainage more than other exercises.

Only drink water

This is the simplest of tasks, with the greatest of benefits. We often neglect water’s crucial role – it improves and contributes to every single function in the body! The benefits of only drinking water are two-fold: we reach our water quota more effectively, and we cut down on non-nutritious calories from other beverages. We often don’t drink enough water because we’re drinking other substances, and we often take in plenty of unhealthy calories this way. Have a two litre bottle in your fridge or with you at all times, so you can gauge how much you are drinking.

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