Gravity - Defy the Rules

26th September, 2017
Coty Inc

Defy Gravity gives him an effortless presence and inspires a relaxed confidence and charisma that others are drawn to.

The unique packaging reflects the distinctiveness of the fragrance it holds.  The deep green is a nod to its freshness, complemented by hints of warm gold, giving it a modern classic edge, just like the man who wears it.

Bold and sensual, this fragrance commands respect, leaving with it a lasting impression.  The top notes fuse sensual bergamot with fresh lavender and tarragon complemented by rich spicy cardamom, adding depth and complexity.  Settling into a fresh cedarwood and patchouli centre, leaving him with a fresh, masculine intoxicating fragrance.

This fragrance is full of energy and vibrancy, just like the man who wears it, the limitless man who lives his life to the full. Whether in a boardroom or on the sports field, this fragrance will give him the confidence he needs to live each day to the full.