The Power Of Brows

07th March, 2017
The Citizen

In previous decades, eyebrows were often an afterthought when it came to beauty, now they are key focal points.

Professional make-up artist Algria Ferrerasays eyebrows and lashes are really important because they brighten your appearance and make you look more youthful. “A good eyebrow frames your eye and the correct colour brow should complement your colouring. The truth is that you can’t choose an eyebrow shape to suit your face shape. You can only work with what you have naturally.”

Enhancing the brows

There are products and techniques that allow you to enhance your eyebrows. Ferrera says the options include tweezing, shaping, enhancing the arch, and making the space between your eyelid and browbone slightly wider.

The best way to get your eyebrows to pop is to shape them correctly. While many opt to have their eyebrows waxed, Algria suggests combining threading and tweezing. “Waxing alters the texture of the skin on the browbone and often removes one too many hairs.”                          

Brow Basics

Like most things in beauty, the secret to creating beautiful brows lies in the products and the method in which they are applied. Ferrera recommends having the following products:

  • An eyebrow pencil that complements your hair colour
  • An angled wax eyebrow pencil
  • Matte eyeshadows to be used as brow powder
  • Mascara for eyebrows
  • Eyebrow gel
  • Eyebrow brushes

How To Shape Your Eyebrows

Ferrera says the biggest mistake you can make is to overpluck your eyebrows. Removal of hair should only be to enhance the natural arch of an eyebrow so it’s best to practise caution when it comes to brow hair removal. She offers the following tips:

Start by holding your pair of tweezers vertically from the outer edge of the bottom of your nose. The point where it hits your eyebrow marks where your eyebrow should start. Remove any excess hair between your eyebrows. Place your tweezers parallel to the outside corner of your iris, to indicate where the highest point of your arch should be. Remove any hair between this point and your eyelids.

To shape the tail of your eyebrow, hold the tweezers diagonally to the outermost part of your eye to indicate where your eyebrow should end. This part of your eyebrow should be thinner than the arch, and tapered at the end.

Great eyebrowsare nothing without fantastic eyelashes to compliment them.

To get good lashes, Algria suggests:

  • Curl your lashes
  • Apply mascara to your upper lashes from underneath
  • Apply mascara to the top side of your lashes
  • Use a brush to separate lashes once the mascara is dry

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