Sun-kissed locks

03rd February, 2017
Vanessa Papas

When hair behaves badly and spoils your summer fun, chill out. There are ways you can tame unruly locks and keep your crowning glory looking fabulous! For frizz-free beach days and perfect sun-kissed locks, follow these summer hair tips.

Style It Right

There is a style to suit everyone this summer: long layers for the woman that’s attached to her locks, the strong bob for the sophisticated woman, and the short shave for the trendy and adventurous. As far as colour goes, blonde is always a favourite in summer. From the silver cool blondes to the sun-kissed brunette.

Stop The Frizz

Controlling frizz is always an issue, especially in summer when the humidity soars. Use anti-frizz shampoo, conditioner, treatments, heat protection products, serums and oils. When it comes to frizz, a moisture shampoo and conditioner is important to rehydrate the hair.

Protection Is Key

Summer hair needs extra protection against the elements. Always shampoo and treat/condition your hair after being in the pool or sea. Wear a hat when you can or take an umbrella to the beach. Use sulphate-free products and products with UV protection as they are gentler and will protect your hair against the sun. Plaits and pony-tails will also help reduce exposure to the elements.

Repair Your Strands

Natural hair remedies are always tempting to try. Remember that anything with a low pH, like vinegar or lemon juice, will reduce your hair’s pH which in turn will reduce the cuticles swelling and make the hair smoother and shinier. Coconut oil is a natural sunblock and makes hair softer and smoother. Just make sure that you shampoo it out thoroughly so it doesn’t leave your hair oily. You can also try a homemade sunblock for your hair.

The Perfect Holiday Pony

You can achieve the perfect summer pony-tail in just five steps.

  1. Section out the top piece of hair, and clip it so that it is out of the way.
  2. Tie the rest of your hair in a pony-tail just below your crown, using a Denman no slip grip elastic.
  3. Tease the top section lightly, piece by piece.
  4. Smoothe over the top section leaving a bit of volume.
  5. Wrap the ends around your pony-tail and secure the end with a hair grip.

Doing your pony-tail like this will keep your hair off your scalp on the top of your head and off your neck, keeping you cooler in summer.

No More Swimmer’s Hair

All oxidants and things that accelerate oxidation cause damage to hair. Chlorine, salt and heat are the main culprits in summer. Think of how metal rusts in sea water – that’s pretty much what happens to your hair when it’s exposed to the pool, sea and sun.

At The Salons

Have a moisture treatment in Salon before the start of summer. There are a number of products available, depending on the condition of the hair. The treatment lasts about four weeks, after which you will be advised on which range to use while on holiday to extend the effectiveness of your salon treatment.

Turn Down The Heat

Always, always, always use heat protection products when using your hairdryer, straightening iron or curling tong! Heat damage is very difficult to repair so rather prevent it. Make sure that when you buy a heat protection product, that it is specifically designed for the purpose. Not all hair oils and serums have a heat protection factor.

Give It A Trim, Put In The Love

Just because you are on holiday or spending hours on the beach or around the pool in summer, doesn’t mean that you should neglect your hair. Make sure you use hats, a headscarf or even sunblock for your hair.

No More Sweaty Betty

You are more likely to perspire in summer, so having a dry shampoo in your bag is a great idea. As perspiration can cause dry scalp and hair, shampoo your hair after a hot day or a workout. Using a head band will also absorb perspiration and keep most of your hair protected.