'TRI' – It Out!

02nd February, 2017
Kathleen Mc Quaide

Are you tired of the same old dull training routine week in and week out? Perhaps you are on the lookout for something new and exciting to re-ignite your passion for a healthy lifestyle and a well-toned body?

Read on and discover more about how to get involved with the fun and sometimes challenging sport of triathlon. Triathlontraining keeps you in excellent shape, and because you are focusing on three different sporting codes, you are much less likely to pick up an injury as often happens when training for one discipline – just one reason why this sport is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa.

Is This Sport For You?

Preparing for three sporting disciplines involves a substantial financial and time investment. I strongly recommend that you loan a bike for at least a month, go cycling several times a week and see if it appeals to you.

Swimming and running require much less of an investment, so assuming you are happy enough on the bike and feel the same way about swimming and running, or are at least open to learn how to swim and/or run, you’re good to go!

Taking The Next Step

This depends on several factors:

  • How competent are you at each of the three disciplines?
  • Do you prefer training alone or with a group/club?
  • To what facilities and resources do you have access?

'Tri – ing' Out Each Discipline

Swimming: The correct swimming technique makes an enormous difference to your triathlon experience, and not only improves your performance dramatically but also saves energy for the next two disciplines.

Cycling: Consider participating in weekly group cycles with clubs/retailers, where beginner’s clinics, as well as different length cycles are on offer at several venues in South Africa.

Running: If you are already able to run about 8 – 10km, then I’d recommend you join a running club, since as with cycling, this gives you the “licence” to run in regular events without the need to buy a temporary licence.

Triathlon clubs: As a beginner triathlete, it is not essential for you to join a triathlon club, however, it does offer you many advantages, one of which is to “keep you in the know” about upcoming events and what’s happening on the triathlon scene. The useful national website to visit is www.triathlonsa.co.za.