Tshwane Haven receives a helping hand thanks to 702 and the Dis-Chem Foundation

Xolani Gwala from 702 Afternoon Drivetook some time out to visit Tshwane Haven, a home that cares for babies and toddlers with severe medical conditionsto find out how his team, together with the Dis-Chem Foundation, could help.

Tshwane Haven provides a support structure to Tshwane Place of Safety Associationwith regards to sick children. It offers a secure home environment for children with medical problems; specialist care to those babies and toddlers; a hospice for really ill babies that may not survive; to liaise with doctors, clinics and specialists on specific problems experienced by the babies and toddlers placed in the Haven; and to provide an overnight shelter facility for the SAP until these children can be placed with other Place of Safety parents.

Following his visit to the home, Xolani called Karen Bruyere who runs Tshwane Havenand spoke to her on air. She explained to him that the Haven was in need of assistance. Xolani then turned to Lynette Saltzman, founder of the Dis-Chem Foundation.

Lynette pledged to support Tshwane Haven by donating products to the value of R10 000 a month for one year. She said, the Dis-Chem Foundation felt it was extremely important that they could assist with the everyday needs of Tshwane Haven. “We hope to make a difference in the lives of those children.”

Tshwane Havenwas established nine years ago when Karen noticed that the Tshwane Place of Safety Association was turning away a large number of children with medical problems. At the time, Karen had been looking after babies and toddlers affected with medical conditions, something she was doing since 1999, and volunteered her services to run Tshwane Haven. She felt that those children could be helped to lead quality lives, even if was just for a short amount of time.

Tshwane Haven opened its doors on 30 May 2006, when the country was experiencing a severe nursing strike. Since its inception in 2000, Karen has looked after close to 400 children.

Tshwane Haven’s motto is “quality over quantity” and it accommodates a maximum of 16 children at a time, but she says that she would never turn a child away.

The type of children that can be housed are severely malnourished children, HIV positive with other problems, TB with other problems, down syndrome, abused and premature babies as well as children with heart and lung problems.

To watch Xolani’s visit to Tshwane Haven, click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhlKu9rXV3E

If you know of any charity organisation or group of individuals who dedicate their time to making a difference in their communities, and have a specific need – whether for funds or products, hit 702.co.za and tell us about them. We will get hold of the Dis-Chem Foundation and assist.