#Million Comforts 2017


It’s time to make a very real difference for hundreds of thousands of young girls, helping to keep them in school.
Last year you helped 146 000 girlsnot miss a single day’s schooling, by donating 6 500 000 sanitary towelsto #Million
Comforts. Working with Caring4Girls, the whole point of#Million Comfortsis to get the people of South Africa to donate
sanitary towels between June 15 and July 15this year to make sure that no girl misses school because of her gender.
Studies show that teenage girls, between the ages of 12 and 18, living in poverty in urban and rural areas can lose up to a
fifth of their high school education because they do not have access to feminine hygiene products – and are too embarrassed
to attend school during their menstrual period.
#Million Comfortsand Caring4Girls seeks to answer the twin problem of sanitary towels and social taboos – with your help.

Committed to changing the lives of all South Africans, the Dis-Chem Foundationhas placed branded drop offbins in over
100 Dis-Chem Pharmacies countrywide.
Major feminine hygiene product suppliers: Always, Kotex,Lil-letsand Stayfreehave once again committed to matching
in-store purchases of their products.
Independent Media will be driving awareness of the campaign through their iconic stable of daily and weekend newspaper
titles across the country,as well as their growing digital and social media platforms.
“Through our publications, we reach in excess of eight million people on a daily basis and
millions more on our online platforms.  We have no doubt that this project will help many
young women realise their full potential with the assurance that they can now attend school
regularly” said Lutfia Vayej, IndependentMedia’s Group Executive of Marketing
and Communication.
The drive is part of the Imbumba Vision 2020 which hopes to encourage the next generation of young leaders to inspire their
communities and peers into greater efforts to improve opportunity in rural areas.
Richard Mabaso, Head of the Imbumba Foundationsaid that the main objective
of the programme was to educate and assist. “We provide puberty and menstrual hygiene
training to underprivileged girls,support them with sanitary towels for a minimum period
of one year and give each girl a menstrual hygienebooklet” he said.


Issued by Independent Media

Dis-Chem Foundation